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How To Love Your Cop
How To Love Your Cop



Since 2006, Victoria has been dedicated to providing resources, support, and encouragement for police families. She speaks on police marriage throughout the country and abroad. She approaches all speaking opportunities with positivity, supporting the badge and the families behind the badge. Victoria’s presentations come from the trenches, both from her own marriage and the hundreds of officers and their spouses who share their struggles and triumphs. Those who’ve heard her speak say they come away inspired and encouraged, with new perspectives and tools to try.  Her warm and personal style has been likened to “having a cup of coffee one-on-one.” After she speaks, she prefers to spend time with the attendees through book signing opportunities and a listening ear.

Speaking can be tailored to fit your specific needs. To contact Victoria about a speaking engagement, please fill out the form on the contact page.

Below are examples of places Victoria has been invited to speak.

  • Keynote, Back the Badge Conference, Chico, California
  • Guest Speaker, Philippine National Police
  • Backup Seminar, Elkhart Indiana
  • Family Panel Speaker, California Highway Patrol
  • Presenter, Fellowship of Christian Police Officers Conference, Indiana
  • Backup Seminar for Police Families United, New Hampshire
  • Guest Presenter, Alameda County Middle Management
  • Guest Speaker, San Diego LE Wives Association
  • Keynote, Partners for Life, Canmore, Canada
  • Presenter, New Officer Families, Lompoc Police Department
  • Regular Presenter, VOWS Retreat, Montana
  • Below 100 Training Guest Speaker, Castro Valley CHP
  • Guest Author, Badge Brides Book Club
  • Presenter, POST California
  • Keynote, New Officer Families, Sacramento Sheriff Department
  • Backup Seminar, Alameda County Peer Support
  • Keynote with Melissa Littles, Wives Behind the Badge Conference
  • Keynote with Kristi Neace, Backup Conference, Elkhart, Indiana
  • Keynote with Chief Newman, Christian Law Enforcement Officer Retreat, Maine
  • Guest Speaker, CODE 3 International Ministries, Chaplain Wives
  • Workshop for Chaplain Wives, International Conference of Police Chaplains
  • Presenter, New Family Welcome Night, Sacramento Police Department
  • Presenter with Chief Newman, RISE Conference, Virginia
  • Keynote, Police Wives of Utah Conference
  • Guest Speaker, Placer County Sheriff Spouses, Loomis, California

Events Calendar

September 19, 2017
Updated Edition of CHiP on My Shoulder Released!

September 21 2017 (Date TBA)
California Highway Patrol Family Panel Speaker

October 6, 2017
Breaching the Barricade Conference/Backup on the Homefront Conferences with Chief Newman, J. Warner Wallace, Stacy & Martha Ettel & Kristi Neace, Elkhart, Indiana

October 7, 2017 – Day of Law Enforcement Appreciation
Middlebury, Indiana

October 14, 2017  Peace Officer Wives Conference in Bay Area, California (Attending only)

October 21-24, 2017 IACP Conference with Chief Newman,  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

November 29, 2017
Family Life Interview with Dennis Rainey and Bob Lapine,  Little Rock, Arkansas

January 4, 2018
California Highway Patrol Family Panel, Presenter

February 1, 2018   National Prayer Breakfast with Chief Newman,  Washington DC

February 9-12, 2018 , Peer Support Conference, Clackamus County, Oregon Presenter 

April 14, 2018 Blue Line Wives Conference, Modesto, California, Guest Speaker

May 11-17, 2018 Police Week with Chief, Washington DC 

Summer 2018   VOWS Retreat,  Montana


Check back often—we’re talking with several organizations about events this year, and hoping to set up our own conferences and seminars as well, starting with California. Possible locations: Washington, Idaho, Tennessee, Colorado, and Florida.