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How To Love Your Cop
How To Love Your Cop


How to Love Your Cop Through Hate

How to Love Your Cop Through Hate Yesterday I asked Chief about the general feelings of the troops in light of the movement of hatred toward police officers brought to the forefront in the Michael Brown shooting. “Just another day on the streets,” he replied. When I answered with a quizzical look, he reminded me […]Read More »

Life and Its Priorities

My blog posts have been lacking lately. As in nonexistent. Nada. At first, when I realized that it was early spring that I last posted, I got a little nervous. “I’m losing momentum, my readers will miss my blog, I’ll lose followers!” But actually, the world has gone on without my little thoughts, and I […]Read More »

The Sixth Love Language

I didn’t think it could be done. There are five love languages – Acts of Service, Physical Touch (Affection), Words of Affirmation, Gifts, and Quality Time. About 98% of the population give and show love through these five practices. And nobody’s ever really come up with another. And I think everyone’s been okay with that. […]Read More »

How to Start a Peer Group

I absolutely LOVE my new Peer Group. There are eleven of us wives from six different departments around the NorCal area. We’ve met twice now and the camaraderie is already there. I’d like to see other groups like this – to experience the friendship with other LEOWs, and to really have that support. So I’ve […]Read More »

Why We Avoid Community

On Wednesday I held the first meeting of my new peer group. I invited several local police wives to join me once a week to go through A CHiP on my Shoulder chapter by chapter. We enjoyed some goodies, introduced ourselves, talked about the purpose and the rules, and basically learned who each other were. […]Read More »

Hello, My Name is Victoria

My daughter and I were watching TV together the other night. She asked me a question about the show, and I started to tear up. She gave me that teenage-are-you-really-getting-emotional-about-HGTV-Mom?-look. It’s a smirk – and from time to time I have to bare my soul and explain my thought process for things I do that […]Read More »

An LEOW Thanksgiving

Over the freeway and through the neighborhood To my mother’s house we go A well-worn road With kids in tow To spend another holiday alone. Over the freeway and through the neighborhood To mother’s questioning eyes! Oh, LE Wifey dear, Why isn’t he here? For Thanksgiving dinner here lies! Over the freeway and through the […]Read More »

Two Minutes with Gilmartin

Last week I had the opportunity to attend Dr. Kevin Gilmartin’s training on Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement. It was my first time listening to him teach in person. I was taken in with the way he presented the parts of police officers others rarely see: the biological and chemical reactions to what they are […]Read More »

Chp 10: Little Future Cops-Dads and their kids

Dads Need Their Kids When Brent became a highway patrolman, I was the one who comforted him when he came home. But after we started having children, I noticed a little shift. It seemed to me that he was more excited to see them than me when he came home. I used to get a […]Read More »

Chp 10: Little Future Cops-Gun Safety

When our oldest son was little, we got a kick out the way he tied his cuddle blanket around his neck, made guns out of whatever was around, and ran off to fight the bad guys. When Brent’s leather holders for badges and guns were retired, our son appointed himself heir to them. Then as […]Read More »

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