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How To Love Your Cop
How To Love Your Cop


Grieving Alongside Others

This past week our department (California Highway Patrol) said goodbye to Motor Officer Lucas Chellew after he died from a crash on duty. At the funeral, there were many there who were devastated by his loss–those who knew him and served alongside him. There were others who didn’t know him but were affected deeply because […]Read More »

Decompressing From an Intense Year

“It took a few months for the incident to finally hit me emotionally,” Andrea explained. “Then I couldn’t think straight. I felt depressed, sometimes angry. I found myself crying a lot. Why would it hit me months later? Then I realized that other wives were going through the same thing.” Andrea’s comments are common for […]Read More »


Yesterday Chief and I attended the funeral of Deputy Dennis Wallace from Stanislaus County, California. He was the latest officer from California to be executed by gunfire. I’ve been to many line-of-duty funerals in my 28 years with Chief, and this was the second police funeral I attended this month. If you’ve been following the […]Read More »

40 Days of Gratitude

Yesterday marked 40 days until Thanksgiving. At church our pastor talked about unity and what that looks like. He first of all said that unity doesn’t mean that we have to look like each other, that we don’t have to be near each other, or that we have to agree with one another. He quoted […]Read More »

How2LoveYourCop: A Facelift & The Future

How2LoveYourCop is nearing its fifth birthday! I’ve written three books (with two more on the way), visited 20 states and three countries, met and helped countless police families, and feel like I am just finding my stride! At this milestone, I’ve spent some time recently taking inventory of where we are as an organization, and […]Read More »

Memorial Day (Repost from 2013)

Since this time last year (May 2012), I’ve been working on a book called Selfish Prayer. I am the ghostwriter, which means that I write another person’s story. That someone else is a member of the California National Guard, and served in Afghanistan in 2009 as a Medevac flight medic. It’s been quite an education. […]Read More »

Confessions of an Author: A New Book in Town!

Fifteen months ago I stood on the bank of a rushing river, hesitant to jump in. This was a metaphoric river in my mind—knowing that once I jumped in, it would be one wild ride. I would be at the mercy of the river, letting it carry me wherever it led. I gathered some courage […]Read More »

Finding My Words Again

11391383_10207118685151935_5769433175954311527_nFinding My Words Again I haven’t blogged since December. I’ve been scarce on Facebook for months. My calendar has had only a few speaking engagements. Sometimes life is so overwhelming there are no words. My life has been like that for the past year. I’ve struggled to find words of encouragement in this time of […]Read More »

A Lesson in the Mailbox

It was dark when I went out to fetch the mail last night. I thumbed through the mail as I walked, straining to see by the dimly lit houses. One envelope caught my eye. It was a small card, made out to my author name, no return address. The postmark was from St. Louis, Missouri. […]Read More »

Ganjgal Five Years Later

It happened five years ago today in a remote village in Afghanistan. An ambush. A battle. Bad decisions. And 11 Americans and many Afghan nationals were forced to hunker down and fight for survival in what is called simply by its village name: Ganjgal. That one word conjures up pain in the hearts of those […]Read More »

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