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How To Love Your Cop
How To Love Your Cop

A Little Reminder

I had myself a little reminder to slow down my driving a few months ago. Wrote the officer a poem to let him know that I learned my lesson. And yes, I’ve slowed down!

While on my way to Chico, passed a trucker doin’ 50
Radio on, singing loud, was a feelin’ jus’ nifty,
When all of sudden I see a red light
He made a quick U-turn, and my joy turned to fright!

To the shoulder I went, my hands started shaking,
Pass me by, I had hoped, but no, he was braking.
To my wallet I went, opened it up with a clatter,
He slowly strode up, to find out what was the matter.

“Do you know the limit?” he did ask me quite stern,
I guessed wrongly, sadly, and so it was my turn
To find my registration, license and insurance proof,
And boy, I was nervous, to tell you the truth!

I’m married to an officer, a warrior in blue,
And then he realized, “Oh, could it be true?
That the car he had clocked at a strong 74
Could be the wife of one he’d worked with before?”

And I, all embarrassed, and shaky and flustered,
Laughed nervously and then I sort of mustered,
“Please don’t mention this to a CHP crowd
I set the example, for cryin’ out loud!”

He told me to get on about my day,
And suggested that I slow down along the way,
He flashed me a grin, that dear man in blue,
And to him my pocketbook says a big thank you.

I give no excuses, a ticket I deserved,
But for me it was grace that he had reserved,
And a reminder to me as a police wife
55 is the rule – it could save my life.

March 23rd, 2012

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Take Time for the Sparrows

I’ve been gone a few weeks. I’ve flown halfway across the world to meet with thousands of Filipino police officers and their wives. It was a mind-blowing trip, one that has already enhanced my vision of what I’m aiming to accomplish through my book, blog, and beyond. In future posts, I will share some of the lessons I learned, observations that apply to us here in America.

My intention was to post many of my thoughts along the way – but frankly, the thoughts were too many as the trip progressed forward. Sometimes life comes too quickly, and the things we see and experience are just too big to process in the moment.

I flew home on a 14-hour flight with the Guys snoring on either side of me, trying to get comfortable in a seat that doesn’t recline far enough, my legs cramped up in a space too small for my comfort, and in my sleepless stupor I’m trying to figure out – what did I learn?

We touched down in San Francisco and thus started another whirlwind – hugs hello to Chief and the kiddos, hugs goodbye to eight new brothers, a very large double-double animal from In and Out (much appreciated and enjoyed), and spewing out random things I experienced. I don’t even remember the first two days home. But then I jumped into three birthday celebrations, a speaking thing, a book event and all while experiencing serious jet lag and missing Manila in a big way. And then strep throat hit.

Do you ever have times like this? When you can’t seem to come up for air? Seasons where it is one thing after another and it’s nothing short of chaos? Stop the world – I wanna get off! When your mind is on auto-pilot and your body is moving from one thing to the next? I KNOW you’ve been there… probably more times than you can count.

So, finally, I sit here pondering what to say, and I just have to take time to breathe. In. Out. In. Out. And I notice and relish the distant sound of the dryer (the third load this morning) and the sparrows that are chirping outside after several days of rain. Sigh…

Our lives as police wives (and regular wives, mothers – heck, as just plain women!) are full. It seems like we rush here and there, changing diapers, cooking, working, running uniforms to the dry cleaners, managing our homes, driving the kids to ballet and baseball…crossing off the proverbial to-do list. But sometimes it’s good to just be alone and ponder what we’re learning in the midst of it. What have we seen? Is it significant? What treasures am I thankful for? How am I making a difference in the lives that touch my own?

Perhaps you’re in a season of chaos right now. But when the moment comes, take some time and listen to the sparrows. It’s a beautiful thing.

March 19th, 2012

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