Welcome to How2LoveYourCop.com, where we strive to strengthen law enforcement families, one home at a time.  

How2LoveYourCop is an operation that provides positive resources that support not only the family, but the police career as well. We are led by a belief that when there is back-up at home, the officer is empowered to excel on duty. With over 25 years of hands-on experience in marriage, law enforcement community, mentoring, crisis assistance, and leadership, we are passionate about educating, networking, and investing in an area that is difficult, complex, and according to projections on divorce rates, failing.
We work alongside departments, peer support programs, associations, individuals, chaplaincies, counselors, peace officer and spouse organizations and faith-based ministries. We provide powerful perspectives, tried-and-true solutions, and collective wisdom to encourage, enrich, and empower law enforcement relationships. Here are the specifics:

-        A CHiP* on my Shoulder ?How to Love Your Cop with Attitude.Praised for its simplicity and encouraging style, this book has received support from law enforcement leaders from all over the United States, counselors, officers and their spouses, chaplains, and even extended family members of peace officers. Written specifically for spouses, yet there are reports that officers enjoy the straightforward style as well. 

-        Victoria M. Newman speaks to audiences of all sizes. She's engaged round table discussions, spoke as the keynote speaker in retreats and conferences, leads four-hour seminars, and addresses police leadership, chaplaincy programs and civilian audiences as a law enforcement family advocate. She and her husband, an Asst. Chief with the California Highway Patrol also speak together. 

-        Fresh content is added to the website regularly through Victoria's blog. Each post is designed to address attitudes, self-care, self-introspection, expanding perspectives, issues with children, and areas of interest to the law enforcement family. For several months, we have been blogging the CHiP book one section at a time.  

-        We are constantly building a resource list for the needs of police families. Books, organizations, helplines, and ministries ?the need is great, the response is growing, and we are working to give these resources exposure so that families are given the support they need. If you know of an organization that is not listed on our website, please email us at victoria@how2loveyourcop.com. We have personally connected help to those who need it despite their location. 

-        Our Facebook page (A CHiP on my Shoulder ?How to Love Your Cop with Attitude), is regularly updated with comments and photos designed to encourage, inform, and engage law enforcement families.  

-        Selfish Prayer. Brand new book (August 2013) that documents the journey of a Medevac unit in Afghanistan in 2009 and beyond. Co-written by Victoria and a California National Guard Silver Star recipient/retired police officer, the book ventures into the actions, thoughts and emotions of a warrior. Thought-provoking reading for Military, Police, Fire, Rescue, and Medical Personnel, and their families.  

-        Under construction: Conferences for police wives, faith-based materials, more books, and local meetings. Keep checking back for updates! 

*A California Highway Patrolman